About Us

About Us

The founders consist of a powerhouse duo of entrepreneurs:

Adele-Theron-Naked-Divorce-51Bridget Hunt - 6 Pack ChickAdele Theron (www.adeletheron.com and founder ofwww.nakeddivorce.com and The Naked Health PTSD programmes). She started Tantrum Club (www.tantrumclub.com) after discovering that there was no avenue for women to truly let go and express themselves. After completing a Post Grad in catharsis therapy and other PTSD therapies, she created a series of techniques which allow women to simply express themselves followed by reflection of the source of the emotional stress. Seven months of research followed with a team of research scientists until each emotion had specific physical movements associated to its release.

Early in 2013, Adele brought on board serial entrepreneur Bridget Hunt (founder of www.gelateriadanieli.com and www.sixpackchick.com) so that they could begin to create a cutting edge approach to launch Tantrum globally. The emotional movements were put to music and cutting edge choreography and TANTRUM was born.

The business model and plans have come together  and these two chicks are in the process of formulating plans to launch Tantrum Clubs and Fitness programmes internationally in 2014/2015. Watch this space and sign up to find out about the upcoming launch and let us know if you want to join the team, be an instructor or simply want to know what we are up to…

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